Delivering Quality Concrete to Your Construction Site

NORTHERN SAND AND GRAVEL offers construction supplies to clients in Sault Ste. Marie, MI and nearby areas. The products we provide include sand and gravel as well as ready-mix concrete and aggregates.

Our inventory includes multiple types of gravel made from crushed rocks of high quality. Whether you’re looking for screened or washed aggregates, we have your needs covered.

The Advantages of Using Concrete in Construction Projects

Low Maintenance Costs

Concrete only requires minimal upkeep. This means a reduction of costs for the overall maintenance of a building in the long run, which will be beneficial for contractors, landlords, and property managers.

Higher Level of Durability

The lifespan of concrete is two or three times longer compared with other building materials. It is also noncombustible and resistant to wind and water. By choosing concrete as your material for your project, you are also increasing the structural integrity of your building.

Energy Efficiency

Concrete is known for its capacity to absorb and retain heat, thereby improving the energy efficiency of a building. You no longer have to worry about HVAC expenses during summer!