Septic Tank Maintenance Solutions You Can Trust

Just like any other system in your home or building, your septic tank also needs maintenance to keep it working in top condition. If you’re looking to have your tank cleaned or inspected, NORTHERN SAND AND GRAVEL is the company to turn to.

Locating and Digging

Locating your septic tank can be a bit challenging, especially without the right tools and people to handle the job. At NORTHERN SAND AND GRAVEL, we have the skills and equipment to find and uncover your tank as quickly as possible.

Visual Inspection of Drain Field

If you’re starting to notice unpleasant odor around your toilet or plant growth over your drain field, it’s high time to have your tank checked by a septic service professional from our team. We’ll identify the root cause of the problem and recommend solutions to address it.

Cleaning and Emptying

It is recommended to empty out septic tanks once every three to five years. This process is needed to avoid overflow and saturation of soakaways. In turn, this leaves your tank and its surrounding area free of waste and unwanted odor.